Uke can do it! – Miss Leela Sassafras

Uke can do it!

Miss Leela Sassafras


Motivational Rosie inspired card for the ukulele player or for someone who loves puns!

Give it to someone who needs a bit of encouragement whether it’s a job interview, an upcoming exam, a driving test or for anything else that they might need a little reassurance to say that they can do it! 

Designed and printed by Miss Leela Sassafras in Sligo, Ireland

5x5inch 125x125mm


💜Let me write and send it for you, no extra charge. Simply click on "Add a note / instructions for seller" at the bottom of your shopping cart page and let me know what you want to say and give me the address of who it's going to. 

💖(one card at a time please to make sure postage is covered)